Model Sheets

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  1. WOW!! Nice work so far! Such beauty! Here are my comments:

    Andre: Looking good. Aubrey, you and I talked about making sure the eyes are clearly defined in a socket (without any bulge).

    Backpack: Good!

    Belt: Good--make sure to make it clear how thick it will be. I am just thinking of the thickness of your average belt. I like the pockets to the very right--adds some character and makes it look more interesting.

    Climbing boots: Good!

    Bullets: nice. I like the top, fifth bullet. Nice, simple, and clearly a bullet.

    Rabbbit/Squirrel: Close--as we are having modelers work on this, we are noticing difficulty with the arms. They have no clear shoulders, and this will make it difficult when rigging/animating. Keep that in mind when tweaking. Also, after talking with Landon, it's important that we keep all eyes the same. The eyes will be ovular and flat (not bulging).

    Clippy-thing (Carrasomething): Good!

    Chainsaw: Good!

    Clouds: Good! Digging clouds 1-3 and cloud 6.

    Icicles: I like the first and second for the more "menacing looking" icicles and the first for the intro.

    Snow falling effects: Good!

    Andre's flag: Good! Nice and simple. I think we should just go with one bold color (like yellow)

    Jetpack: Good!

    Gloves: Good!

    Goggles: Good!

    Dart gun: Grand. Not sure if it was your intention to make the nozzle slightly bent, but I kinda like it that way haha

    Climbing hammer: Cute!

    Helicopter: I like the bubbliness, but if we go this route (with the story involving the helicopter), then we need to make it more spacious to allow Papa to suddenly appear behind him (and to allow enough space for a hilarious scuffle). I remember the modeler had difficulties with the tail, so make it nice and long enough.

    Logos: I am digging the mountain logo! Nice, simple, and can be easily read from far away.

    Rocket: Nice and classic. Has a 50's feel with the red and silver.

    Oxygen: Digging shape of the third one.

    Ram: Love the face! I am torn between the two top views. I like the blockiness of the one on the left, but I think it might make rigging and animating easier to have it taper a little, so I am leaning toward the right-top view.

    Ice Pick: APPROVED!

    Snowman model sheet: Beautiful.

    Dart: Also liking the bent needle on this one. Looks cool.

    Rambo: Close--the profile view needs to be less 3/4 (on his bottom half) and more of a clear profile.

    Ropes--Andre will be tied to the rope the entire film, and I was envisioning it to just be attached to his belt uncoiled. I want it to be bold enough to stand out, but not an outrageous color that will draw the eye away from our hero. So, if we are going to go with red, make it more desaturated.

    Shovel: There may or may not be a shovel in the film. If there is, I like the bottom, flatter one. Goes along with Andre's bolder character.

    Spring boots: Beautiful.