Storyboard team: Post your storyboards below (try to keep them in order of the story)! Underneath the storyboards is a guide of the mountain to help visualize our hero's position throughout the story. You all should have gotten an e-mail with a model of the mountain--if not, let me know and I will send you an e-mail with the attachment!


3D Guide To the Mountain:

Here is a loose 3D guide of the mountain that will make boarding easier:
FRONT (=side with the tip of the Ram's Horn):



Hero starts at the bottom of the backside of the mountain:

(Side view: He makes it to the peak of the mountain)

After climbing the back-side, he makes his way (left-to-right) to check out the side of the mountain with the tip of the Horn. I zoomed in on the model, print-screened it, and used this as a guide to draw the storyboard (highlighted in yellow) :

View from the peak looking straight down at the tip of the Ram's Horn:

So, in short:

At the very end (after our hero saves the baby), the pair are dangling off the side of the mountain. The lamb knows the easiest way to get to the tip is to slide down the slope (which will be obscured by clouds). The baby shows our hero how to get to the tip by jumping through the clouds, sliding down the slope, and ending up at the tip of the horn. Mountaineer realizes this, and he follows after the baby (jumping through the clouds, sliding down the slope, and ending at the tip):

Hopefully this helps when visualizing how everything should look in a way that will make the most sense. If you have access to Maya, open up the model and pretend you are the character so you can find out his approximate position on the mountain! I know it may still be confusing, so let me know if you need clarification!

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