Monday, December 30, 2013

Reference Dump #2

Just a reference dump, lots more ice, rocks and a Ram or two. Some stuff with really nice color. All ripped off the web, I own nothing. Enjoy


Here's some thoughts and research on how we could take the adorableness of bighorn lambs and translate it into a cartoony design aesthetic.
To start, here are a couple photos of bighorn lambs:

The main notes for adorableness here are pretty much the same as what Chris said in his earlier post. Bighorn lambs have a bony, flimsy looking build, large shiny black eyes, cute little noses, etc, which make you want to protect them.

Now for cute things in animation:
Archie the scare pig has these flimsy little legs that make him look frail but still playful - a trait that can be seen in the bighorn lambs above.
One thing I really like about Mavis from Hotel Transylvania here is how simplified her shapes are.
And lastly, Puss in Boots has ridiculously big, overly shiny eyes that help to communicate a sense of over the top cuteness.

Caucasus Mountains

Most of these photos are from mountains in Russia or Georgia:

Midway Ice Castle Refrence

I went out to shoot some reference for ice under different lighting conditions. These are all man made and artificially lit so not totally what we are going for. But I think it says just how much color and mood you can work into ice if you like. I apologize for the quality I wasn't using a camera I am familiar with so they are pretty bad. Enjoy