Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Reference

Hi guys!! It's Jenna! I am home for Christmas right now, but since my younger siblings are busy studying for their finals and I am a loser with nothing to do right now, I decided to get the ball rolling on this blog! On the drive home I watched one of my favorite movies--Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I love everything about this movie from the humor to the style of the characters! While watching it this time around I was amazed at their clever, fun use of color and so I took a few still images to post for inspiration. Take a looksie:

The first thing I noticed was the awesome color choices of the sky. They literally painted the sky every color of the rainbow, but even if it was a deep pink like you see below it didn't matter because it fit the mood so well and blended with the other colors in the scene. 
And check out these CLOUDS! They are so stylized they look like they could take on a life of their own! I am geeking out:

You can tell they were very careful when selecting the colors to use on this film. They used a lot of subtle shades of blue in his lab, but also added some blinking yellow knobs to accent the room.

More yellow and blue mixes! I want tho eat that jello:
 A pretty example of using a lot of neutrals, and then adding light blue accents to liven up the room a little. Depending on what direction we go, our film may have a lot of neutrals in it (what with the snow, rocks, and tree trunks) but we can have a lot of fun finding ways to use accent colors to liven up the backgrounds a little:

They also had some REALLY neat monochromatic color palettes. I love the shot with Flint's labcoat hanging on the electrical wire. Even though it's so tiny it stands out because it's the only bright white color against all the reds!

And the last thing I loved about the color choices was how well they helped accentuate the mood of the characters. In both these shots Flint and his dad are either bored out of their minds or down in the dumps. The shop had a lot of desaturated blues which really drove the mood of the story home.

There is really great stuff in this film! If you haven't seen this movie in a while, check it out! I have it too, so when I get back if anyone needs to borrow it let me know. :) I am sure as Ethan was pitching his story, you all could see it playing through those beautiful minds of yours! Don't be shy--post anything you find inspirational to the blog so we can piece something beautiful together!

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