Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ram Anatomy

Sooooo I posted a post long ago about sheep anatomy, but I don't think too many people looked at it. I just noticed that the character designs for the ram are lacking proper ram anatomy, so here is another post about ram bones n' such.

Here are some drawings I did of ram leg bones.
Notice the rhythm of the bones. Also see that the bend comes from the
"wrist" and the power from the "elbow".
Also also, remember that ram's have cloven hooves.

Back legs are similar, look at the rhythm. Bend comes from the "knee" and the "ankle" is grounded for power.  

Notice how all the bones line up very closely. 

Here are some nice motion on the skeletons. 

Even with skin and muscles over it, the skeleton is still very prominent. 

Hopefully this helps get rid of bear rams!


  1. Holy cow where did you find this? Thank you, I've been looking all over for exactly this. This will really help with rigging.

  2. I drew the drawings, the pictures I found on Google. If you want help on sheep locomotion and what moves what, I'd like to help if I can!!