Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rigging Related - Volume Preservation vs. Squash and Stretch

In Owned, one thing that bugged me about Jeff's rig was that the volume preservation was getting in the way of squash and stretch.  Squash and stretch are two things - its not "squash when stretched."  As an animator, I need a setting tht lets me change how much "volume preservation" affects what is being stretched.  The two images I am adding are of Rambo, but for the needs of the animation style, it needs to be applied to all characters - maybe 1 for full preservation, 0 for none, maybe -1 to do the opposite and inflate the part.

Wile E Coyote is a good reference for this - when he falls off a cliff, his body parts generally stay the same width when they get pulled off screen.  Some example smears from other cartoons, found on Smears, Multiples, and Other Animation Gimmicks


  1. If anyone has questions about the rigs feel free to talk to any of the riggers, Landon graham, lead and in charge of papa, Susan Hatton, in charge of Andre, and Stephen ashby, in charge of Rambo. There are already some controls in place that allow animators to manipulate the squash. We will refine and add to these as time allows.

  2. This function is already built into the rigs for both the neck and the entire body. Make sure to vis the secondary controls, and you will see in the channel box an attribute that controls the AMOUNT of squash and stretch that happens.

    Now, if you want squash and stretch off COMPLETELY you don't want to animate ALL of the those controls to 0, as that takes time. The COG control of both rams gives you the option to toggle the volume preservation from on to off. Please share this information with everyone.