Monday, January 13, 2014

another story idea

This one might be a little off the wall for some people, but what the heck:

The mountain man (Pierre?) is climbing an icy ridge. He comes to a spot he doesn't know how to approach. It's getting late and the snow is starting to blow more fiercely, so Pierre decides to camp for the night. The wind is howling, and he can't get to sleep, so he starts counting sheep. The sheep begin to meld and distort, their horns growing larger, their fur turning into snow. A dream forms and Pierre is now climbing the horn of one the rams, transformed into a giant snowy mountain. As is the case with dreams, Pierre can't seem to climb to the top of the ram's horn. He'll slip on the ice, his legs will stop moving, etc. Something always seems to go wrong. Then he gets help from our two ram friends, and he manages to get to the top of the peak. Pierre wakes up, and realizes the mountain looks very similar to the one in his dream. So, he follows the same path as in the dream and gets to the top.

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