Monday, January 20, 2014

The Mountain

First take on the mountain.
Comments/critiques would be awesome.
A little bit different look.


  1. Ethan--I love that the first one looks daunting in size, but at the same time maintains that sense of whimsy that we are looking for.

    In regard to the second--I love that clear-cut, simple shape. The colors and angularity make the mountain a lot more threatening than the first, which, in my opinion, makes this story feel a little more "epic-y" than the first.

    Although I like your use of yellows and blues in the second, I am leaning towards the first. I really want to maintain that toony, whimsical style throughout the film, but I will definitely talk to you further about it tomorrow!

    These are pretty much amazing. Beautiful job!

  2. dude I love the perspective on the first one, really great work!

  3. Sweet thanks Jenna. I thought the first one had a better feel as well.

    Thanks Ethan.

  4. Uhhhhhhh What the crap that's amazing.