Sunday, January 12, 2014

Unique low-res Voxel Snow/terrain

I think that one unique way that we could do snow so that it's not compared to Frozen would be for it to have varied low resolution voxel look. This would be artistically challenging to pull off but the vision that I have for it I think could be amazing. I'm posting some reference images below. What I envision would be varied resolution with straight but soft edges. This would only be for the snow and we would have to work at balancing the varied terrain styles.

Don't think to much like mine craft. It is like minecraft below, but with soul!

The best way to think of it would be to compare it to wreck-it-ralph... They take pixel characters and turn them into 3D characters but keep the old low frame-rate animations. It's like that but blurring the line between low res and high res in a geometric sense instead. Below is the animation style in wreck-it ralph (I'm not talking about mimicking the animation style but rather that idea in geometry space). Think the trees/fireworks.

Just a thought...

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