Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More Style Ideas

I was thinking what Brent was saying yesterday about not wanting to try to copy Frozen.  I was trying to think of some different ways we could do snow.  I thought of ways I had seen snow in different movies and grabbed some screenshots of different types of snow.  Not all of them are the best pictures, but they can hopefully give an idea.

 Elf--The north pole is pretty simple and throws back to the old stop motion.  The snowflakes are actual flake shapes, and pretty fun.

The snow on the ground almost seems to have a hard texture to it, rather than the soft, blanket type snow.
Nightmare Before Christmas--The snow is soft, and the glitter is definitely played up.

Some Rudolph Movies--

I know we're trying to go for a style of our own and not copy any movies, but here are some slightly different types of snow.  I also noticed that the backgrounds in many of them don't feel like actual sky.  Perhaps there is some way to make the atmosphere seem a bit more stylized as well.  Naturally, I think the snow should be designed based on the feel of the story, but I just thought I'd throw these ideas up here.

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