Tuesday, January 7, 2014

one of many sketch posts

not the best of stuff, but it's something. Pardon the equine body on the daddy sheep.

I also just want to say again... there's no such thing as a "mother ram". A ram is a male sheep. An intact male sheep, in fact- once it's castrated it becomes a wether. But yeah. There is no species, or breed, that is called "ram". There are mountain goats, and there are bighorn sheep (note: different species there), but just as you cannot have a male cow, you cannot have a female ram.

It's not like we can't still have a ram in the film, it's just that if it's a ram, it's a male. I'm just complaining about improper terminology here. That's all.

Also I think we should play with little nubbin' horns on baby Rambo. Lambs are polled when they first exit the womb, so I imagine that his horns wouldn't have fully grown in yet.

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