Sunday, January 5, 2014

Some Story Questions That Have Been Running In My Brain

Brain dump:
  • Who is Pierre? (Pierre is my temporary name for our mountaineer character. Just run with it) What's he doing climbing the mountain? Why should we be rooting for him? 
  • Do the sheep/goats/whatever they are live on the mountain? Would they "live" at the top? Or in the valley? etc.
  • Is it just the mother? Is the father involved? Are they threatened by Pierre? Or is it the fact that Pierre is interacting with the lamb? (Maybe Pierre is the first person to climb this mountain, so he "claims" the land by doing something like planting a flag there, and the sheep feel threatened by that...?)
  • We talked about this film having a Looney-Tunes/Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner feel to it. A simple internet search revealed only a handful of shorts (including this one — Chariots of Fur — and some newer 3D ones which are completely different in tone and style (like this one and this one). There are a few more, and I'm sure we can get a hold of others if this is the direction we are interested in going.

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